Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Auf Wiedersehen, Germany...

Okay, wow. So, I don't really know how to start this one besides's my last night in Germany. Tomorrow I'll fly home and this amazing journey will come to an end. In the next few weeks I will be posting bits of my journal that I kept while in Africa, so this technically isn't the end of my blogging just yet; however, this will be my last post about my study abroad experience and my time in Germany.
After arriving back in Germany last week from Africa, I spent a few days relaxing at a Frankfurt hotel. I returned from Africa with a terrible cold which quickly turned into much more and I ended up spending my last 8 days in Germany very sick. With this, it was nice to finally get to relax and just take a breather after so much traveling over not just the past three weeks in Africa, but also over the past seven months! However, being so sick made it so I had to sit out on the last big adventure that I had planned for Germany: Oktoberfest. I am extremely disappointed that I wasn't able to join a few of my newly made German friends on a day trip down to Munich and to Oktoberfest, especially after we had such a great time dirndl shopping together! But, I know that someday I'll get to return and hopefully we can all make it to Oktoberfest together after all! So, as I mentioned, I spent my last week abroad relaxing, getting well, uploading pictures of Africa to Facebook, and of course, practicing my German for my oral test coming up next week. Tonight I went out for my last German dinner with Carolin's parents at a wonderful little restaurant that only serves food specific to the state of Hessen, which we are in. I enjoyed authentic Radler and Käsespätzle for the last time now for a while and we ended the night with some wonderful German dessert! Now, it is off to bed for, hopefully, a good night's sleep and then up early tomorrow morning for a long day of travel back home!
The outcome of dirndl shopping with two German it!

Last night in Germany!
I really cannot believe it has finally come to an end; it does not seem like seven whole months have gone by. It seems like just a little while ago that I was starting this blog, as well as starting a journey of a lifetime, but instead, here it is, this journey has finally come to an end. I have missed home so much over the course of seven months, but I have enjoyed my time in Germany as well and I really will miss it. I have learned so much, not just about the language, but also about myself. I will cherish so many new friends that I have made forever and I truly hope I will get to see them again someday. This has been such an amazing experience and the journey of a lifetime; it will be a time in my life I will hold dear to my heart, für immer und ewig.